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Today Marks the 65th Anniversary of a Disney Holiday Favorite

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Released 65 years ago—on December 16, 1949—Toy Tinkers follows the Christmastime adventures of Chip an' Dale, as they invade Donald's home to purloin the candy and nuts hoarded there for holiday gifts. Donald hits upon the happy thought that a Santa Claus disguise will bring the mischievous pair within range of his punishing hand, but this, of course, backfires and results in an outrageous battle. The story culminates in an exchange of explosive missives, sent through telephone wires. After Donald surrenders, a parade of toys, filled with nuts, cookies, and other Christmas season goodies, accompanies the victorious Chip an' Dale on their merry way.

Toy Tinkers was one of eight animated shorts directed by Disney Legend Jack Hannah nominated for an Academy Award®. During his 26-year career at The Walt Disney Studios, Hannah directed more than 75 animated shorts—most of which have been considered Donald Duck's most comical tales. Toy Tinkers marked only the seventh theatrical appearance of the lovable chipmunks.

In celebration of Toy Tinkers' 65th anniversary, our friends at the Animation Research Library digitized these story sketches to share how the short looked in its infancy.